Tax advisor Basel / Steuerberater Basel

Sali!  Yesterday was the first of August! It’s the national holiday of our small and great country.  We wish you a warm welcome!

Here are my tax advisory services to expatriates or new residents with an international background.

During my past employment I was the main internal business contact for our international customers. I have helped numerous expats and clients that also stayed beyond their expat status. Often our clients came from Big Four companies. I discovered that they prefer simplicity and direct personal service lines. I have helped many clients in the past and offer you these same services today.  My expertise is dealing with tax situations, buying and selling real estate properties, and starting or building up your own entrepreneurial adventure.

Having worked overseas and therefore gained a lot of first-hand experience, I know what it means to resettle in a new country!  The Swiss market for employees has great values and that’s why you might be working here. Switzerland has numerous laws and customs which are quite unique though.  If you run into any tax problems or require a second opinion on issues (that just don’t seem right or don’t add up) don’t hold back and call me up.

It’s important for you to feel welcome and have a future here. I understand this.  This is not a big clumsy company where you become just a number and not an individual.  My service lines are direct, reliable, honest and trustworthy.  I would be honored to assist you and look forward to meeting you.  So contact me today and lets get started with your goals and dreams!

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